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July 5, 2015

Bishop presents new strategic plan Uniting in Heart

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Bishop Timothy L. Doherty has released a new strategic plan — Uniting in Heart — for the Lafayette diocese.

A letter from the bishop and the new plan, including a mission statement, vision statement, value statements and goal statements, are included in this edition of The Catholic Moment. (Click here to read the whole document)

“In the context of the ever-changing world, I asked for input from members of this diocese to identify the realities and aspirations that should influence the development of a strategic plan,” Bishop Doherty says in his letter. “I am very grateful to all who responded. Your input truly helped form Uniting in Heart, Pastoral Planning for the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana.”

The plan reflects the input of more than 5,000 people who participated in a 2014 survey, including high school-age youth, priests, religious and laity.

“The plan, Uniting in Heart, is meant to assist in directing our diocesan offices, schools and parishes into a future full of hope,” Bishop Doherty says, “where we can work together to continually build the reign of God on earth under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.”

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