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February 19, 2017

February is Catholic Press Month

Bishop Timothy Doherty

My thanks to individuals and parishes who comprise our subscribing readership. By supporting the print edition of The Catholic Moment, you facilitate our Web site and Twitter products, too. Diocesan staff visits to parishes repeatedly surface the desire to learn from the bishop and priests. On this point, please know that the paper is “my” voice — the whole thing, not just my columns.

The Catholic media are vital to our religious mission. As Greg Erlandson, president of the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada, states: “Only the Catholic press gives Catholic leaders a voice with which to be heard by their people — unmuted, uncensored and independent of the preconceptions and prejudices of too many secular media outlets.”

The diocesan Office of Communications staff is well on its way to renewing our outreach, reconsidering both content and technology. All media share this challenge. Recently, The New York Times management summarized its own efforts by committing “to produce an even more vital, more authoritative, more indispensable” result (Jan. 17, 2017).

While local stories will always be the way we present encouraging examples of effective ministry, trustworthy information about national and global Church events affecting us must be presented as it develops.

Here in our country, a vigorous debate continues about religious liberty, which is a larger reality than the freedom to worship inside our walls. One central issue is the cherished freedom of conscience threatened in many legislatures. All of us share a responsibility to support the liberty that our Constitution protects, and our humanity deserves. Our Catholic media, then, are not only religious, but also patriotic in the deepest sense.

Please continue to support The Catholic Moment and other Catholic media that present the authentic facts and values necessary to our flourishing.

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